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Herbal Medicine

Liv studied Herbal Medicine extensively in her Bachelor of Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine Degree.

The origins of Herbal Medicine date back thousands of years… back to the time when Medicine and Herbal Medicine were one (and still is in some countries).

Doctors were Naturopaths, and they prescribed herbs as medicine. With good intention, many medications originated from herbs, but they are now formulated synthetically to replicate constituents found in plants.  Examples of this are morphine from opium poppy and aspirin, which was originally derived from Willow bark and Meadowsweet.  Hippocrates used plants of the willow family to treat headaches.

Herbalists use plants as medicine, because plants contain multiple constituents which work synergistically. Whereas, medications are often just composed of one individual constituent.

Research proves that Herbal Medicine is as effective as medications, with little side effects. Medications are not found in nature, or recognised by the body. Medications take a toll on the liver which must detox all foreign materials entering the body. Herbs are 100% natural. Our bodies recognise and accept nature.

Consult with Liv to determine which herbs are indicated for you.

Check out Liv’s specifically designed Tonics, formulated from Herbal Medicine, for the enhancement, prevention and maintenance of your overall health and wellbeing.

NZ grown Echinacea

NZ grown Dandelion

Dried Withania/Ashwagandha