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Top 10 Reasons Why You Need Zinc

Zinc is like the middle child, screaming for attention.  Move over magnesium!  Here is why you should be considering zinc…

  1. Zinc is involved in over 200 enzymatic pathways in the body. It is a co-factor which converts one substance into another for the body to function.
  2. The richest food source of zinc is oysters. Not many people eat oysters, or even often enough to get their quota!  Zinc is also found in seafood, red meat, and a small amount in pumpkin seeds.
  3. White spots on your nails may be an indicator you are deficient in zinc. It may also be calcium or trauma so get tested first, but zinc is a common (silent) deficiency.
  4. Do you have any wounds that are slow to heal? Weak or brittle nails?  Are you losing hair more quickly than it is growing back?  These are all signs you are low in this important mineral as it is needed for healthy beauty bits – skin, hair and nails.
  5. NZ soils are low in zinc, iodine, selenium and magnesium in comparison to other countries. If the mineral isn’t in our soil, it won’t be in our food.  New Zealander’s are more likely to be deficient in these four minerals.
  6. Zinc can help acne, especially in men who need more zinc than women.
  7. Bloating caused by low stomach acid may be caused by low zinc. Zinc is required for stomach acid production.  We need stomach acid to activate enzymes and breakdown our food.  Low stomach acid is most noticeable when eating high protein foods.
  8. Zinc is the most important mineral for gut health and healing leaky gut. Anyone with malabsorption including leaky gut, NEEDS to supplement in zinc.
  9. Zinc is also the leader of the minerals when it comes to immunity. It support neutrophils, natural killer cells and macrophages and keeps them strong to fight against infection.
  10. It is near impossible to get enough zinc on a vegetarian or vegan diet because plant foods (even pumpkin seeds) come with a natural plant constituent called phytates/phytic acid. This reduces absorption of zinc, iron, calcium and magnesium from grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.  Soaking and sprouting/activating reduces phytates and enhances our ability to absorb these minerals, so do this as much as possible.

I do a zinc taste test for my clients.  It is a simple method to instantly evaluate your zinc levels in a non-invasive way.  Consult with me to do the zinc test and determine if supplementation is recommended for you.