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Stress Less Bliss Balls

The ingredients in this recipe were chosen for their high magnesium content.  Magnesium is a key mineral for relaxation and supporting the adrenal glands during times of stress.  The Herbal Medicine Licorice is an ‘adrenal tonic’, meaning it is one of the best herbs for optimal functioning of the adrenals.  Licorice as a confectionery doesn’t have the same effect as the Herbal Medicine, however, it is a delicious source of sweetness so no fruit or dried fruit is used in this recipe.

Paleo, vegan, dairy, egg, soy, gluten and wheat free


  • 25g cacao powder
  • 100g Brazil nuts
  • 50g almond butter
  • 25ml molasses
  • 25g black licorice (gluten free), chopped into small pieces
  • Hemp hearts (or desiccated coconut) for rolling


Put everything except hemp hearts in a food processor.  Process until combined and the mixture holds together.  Form into bite-sized balls and roll in hemp hearts.  Store in the fridge for a few weeks or the freezer for a few months.  Makes 20 bliss balls.

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