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It’s as Easy as ABC

Avocado – nutritious, delicious, versatile and rich in beneficial fats for the body.

Brazil nuts – highest source of selenium. Eat 2-3 every day for your daily dose.

Cacao – one of the world’s best antioxidants. Eat dark chocolate early in the day.

Dates and dried fruit – use as nutritious sweeteners instead of white sugar.

Eggs – nutritious and versatile. Include daily for easily absorpable protein.

Flax and chia seeds – soak overnight in water/milk to add extra fibre to your breakfast.

Ginger – for improving digestion, pain, inflammation, nausea and travel sickness.

Herbs and spices – experiment to enhance digestion and food flavour. Use fresh or dried.

Iceberg lettuce and nori sheets – use as wraps instead of bread. Endless


Juice – vegetables to alkalise the body. Alkaline body = no chronic disease.

Kale and leafy greens – at least one large handful every day. No excuses!

Lemon or apple cider vinegar – one tablespoon before food to enhance digestion.

Maca and other superfoods – most nutrient dense foods in the world per gram.

Nuts and seeds – each has different nutrients so eat a variety. Choose raw not roasted.

Oil – extra virgin, cold-pressed coconut, olive, flax, avocado and macadamia. Use daily.

Pineapple, papaya/pawpaw, kiwifruit and sprouts – highest in enzymes for digestion.

Quinoa and ancient grains e.g. millet, buckwheat and amaranth – better than wheat.

Raspberries and other berries – rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. Buy fresh or frozen.

Seaweed – highest source of iodine which is deficient in NZ soils. Use in cooking.

Tahini (sesame seed butter) and other nut/seed butters – homemade dips and dressings.

Unpasteurised and unhomogenised milk – raw milk more nutritious than processed milk.

Vegetables – aim for 80% of your plate. Get creative e.g. smoothies and snacks.

Water – 2+ litres every day. Herbal teas count. Flavour water with fruit.

eXercise and incidental movement – incorporate into daily life with little effort.

Yoghurt and fermented foodsprobiotics improve digestion and bowel motions.

Zinc – oysters, red meat, seafood and pumpkin seeds. Supplement may be required.

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