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In The Beginning #healthytakeaways

Chapter 1  In The Beginning…  #healthytakeaways

“Realigning Nutrition with Intuition” Liv Kennedy


  • I will incorporate liver into my meal next time I cook a mince dish.

I am cooking _________________________ (meal e.g. spaghetti Bolognese, Mexican, cottage/shepherd’s pie) on _______________ (one day in the next week)


  • I will include bone broth in one of my meals each week that requires stock.

I am cooking _________________________ (meal e.g. soup, stew/casserole, risotto, grains) on ______________ (one day in the next week)


  • I will have collagen powder in one drink every day.

I am making a ________________ (drink e.g. smoothie, coffee, tea) using collagen every day during the next week


  • I will eat oily fish once/twice (circle) a week.

I am eating ____________________ (oily fish) on ______________ and _____________ (two days in the next week)


  • I will include a plant source of omega 3 every day.

I am including ______________________ (plant source of omega 3) in my breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack (circle) every day


  • I will swap all my vegetable oils for healthy oils next time I go to the supermarket.

I am buying __________________ (healthy oil) on _______________ (next day of the week I am going to the supermarket)



  • Do I eat foods that my Paleo ancestors/grandma/great-grandma would not recognise? If so, how much of my diet is made up of processed foods?  How can I replace them with natural, whole foods?



Check out the printable PDF here: Chapter 1 In The Beginning… #healthytakeaways


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