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Stress Less #healthytakeaways

Chapter 4  Stress Less  #healthytakeaways

 “Realigning Nutrition with Intuition” Liv Kennedy


  • I will substitute one coffee a day with a lower-caffeine alternative.

I am going to replace my ______ o’clock coffee for ___________________ (coffee alternative) every day


  • I will have an Epsom (or magnesium) salt bath after my next stressful day which is most likely going to be _________________ (my most stressful day of the week).

I am going to put _____ (number) cup(s) of Epsom (or magnesium) salts and _____ drops of my favourite essential oil in a bath and soak for _____ minutes


  • I will practise diaphragmatic breathing on the hour, every hour, during the waking hours of the day.

I am going to do this by placing my hands on my belly, closing my eyes, and completing ______ (number) slow and deep belly breaths


  • I will meditate every day.

I am going to meditate for _____ (number) of minutes every day in the _______________ (time of day e.g. morning, afternoon, evening)


  • I will take my free dose of vitamin G.

I am going to ground myself every day/week (circle) at _____________________ (location e.g. beach, park, backyard) for _____ minutes



  • The types of exercise I gravitate towards after a stressful day are? Does this make me feel more wound up or relaxed?  On a stressful day, could I prioritise yin types of exercise?  g. walking, yoga, Pilates or tai chi.  Would my adrenals love me more if I save the yang types of exercise for weekends or less stressful days?  Reflect on my discoveries in My Nutrition Mentor Diary



  • What are my favourite creative pastimes? When was the last time I did these?  Why did I stop?  Is there an activity I could reintroduce into my life to de-stress?



Check out the printable PDF here: Chapter 4 Stress Less #healthytakeaways


Your Nutrition Mentor,