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The Corner Dairy #healthytakeaways

Chapter 8  The Corner Dairy  #healthytakeaways

“Realigning Nutrition with Intuition” Liv Kennedy


  • I will get my free dose of vitamin D outside.

I am going to expose my skin to sunlight for ______ minutes on ______ days a week


  • I will substitute one dairy food for one dairy-free food each day.

I am going to swap ________________ (dairy food) for _________________ (dairy-free alternative) every day for my breakfast/lunch/dinner/dessert/snack/drink (circle)


  • I will perform weight-bearing exercises.

I am going to ___________________ (weight-bearing exercise) on ______ days per week



  • Add up the number of milligrams of calcium I eat on an average day, excluding supplements (Google the number of milligrams for foods not on the list). Compare this to the RDI of 1,000mg per day for adults (or 1,300mg for women over 50 and men over 70).  Am I above or below the RDI?  How much?  If I am below, add high calcium foods in and take low calcium foods out until I achieve the RDI (if possible)



  • Do I have eczema, acne, asthma, diabetes, leaky gut, an autoimmune condition, or hormone-dependent cancer? Or bloating, abdominal pain, cramps, rumbling/gurgling stomach, diarrhoea, gas, nausea/vomiting, joint and muscle pain, nasal congestion, frequently blowing your nose, heavy breathing, mouth breathing, or snoring?  Have I trialled a dairy-free diet?  If yes, did it help?  If not, could I trial a dairy-free diet?  Reflect on my discoveries in My Nutrition Mentor Diary



Check out the printable PDF here: Chapter 8 The Corner Dairy #healthytakeaways


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