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Is Eating Out Healthy?

Top 10 Tips…

  1. Water is the cheapest and healthiest drink – add berries, citrus fruits or mint to naturally flavour water, instead of sugar-laden soft drinks.
  2. Eat your salad or vegetables first – fill your stomach with goodness first, you’re more likely to eat vegetables at the beginning than the end.
  3. Avoid white carbs – white bread, white rice and white pasta offer no nutritional benefit to the body, unless they’re cold (resistant starch).
  4. Skip the filler foods like bread – filler foods include all processed carbs e.g. bread, rice, pasta, potatoes and flour products.
  5. Choose brown rice instead of white rice sushi – at least you’re getting more B vitamins, manganese, fibre and other nutrients.
  6. Deep fried foods contain the worst types of fats – trans/hydrogenated fats are linked to heart disease, high cholesterol and inflammation.
  7. Olive oil-based dressings rather than creamy dressings – olive oil reduces cholesterol, visceral fat, and supports heart health.
  8. Almond/coconut milk hot drinks instead of regular milk – cows milk has growth hormones which interrupt our endocrine (hormone) system.
  9. Stick to one course (not dessert!) – bought food is usually more calorie dense than homemade food as fat is flavour.
  10. Remember your ratios: at least 50% vegetables, 25% protein and 25% or less carbs – order a side of salad or vegies instead of bread or potatoes.

Yes eating out can be healthy!

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