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Work-From-Home Lunches

I am going to miss these work-from-home lunches next week, when I go back to work in New Plymouth.

The 5 lunches I had on repeat over lockdown were…

  1. Organic baked beans, cheese, and butter on gluten-free sourdough toast
  2. Tempeh (marinated in miso paste and tamari) and stir-fried vege (broccoli, cherry tomatoes, green beans or zucchini) cooked in olive oil.  Check out my Lunch Bowl recipe with tempeh
  3. Protein pancakes cooked in coconut oil, with Greek or coconut yoghurt, more banana, and desiccated coconut (coconut 3 ways!)
  4. My Snickers Smoothie bowl or Snickers Protein Bowl (until the weather cooled down)
  5. THIS is my favourite – gluten-free sourdough toast, butter, avocado, smoked chicken, cherry tomatoes, feta, and basil

My lunches are going to get a lot more boring and easy now!  But I’ll definitely be making these in the weekends.

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